About Scott Felten

Hi! My name is Scott Felten.


Not so much to know here – I have been married since 1984, have three wonderful daughters – all graduated from university, all married. So, three wonderful son in laws. Four fantastic and growing grandchildren.  We attend Bethel Community Church – and I help out with the men’s ministry.  You can find us on the web at here.  At work, I’m a Senior Vice President for a global market research company. There I am in charge of the data tower and have other roles such as technology catalyst, architect and am managing IT stuff and business stuff.

My wife and I enjoy leading and participating in small groups; especially ones that talk about relationships or kids or marriage or any parts of life really. Now that we are “Empty Nesters”, we enjoy exercising and cooking together as well as movies and sports.

Recently, I purposed to learn the ukulele – but I will not share any of those videos!

The purpose of this blog is to pass on some wisdom that I gained from a lifetime of life.  I hope you enjoy.

Best Regards,



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