Men Who Have Daughters – A must read, trust me!

Men. This is a challenge to you who have daughters. I have three daughters. Two of them are now married and my youngest is in a relationship. Long ago, when my daughters were babies, I had that fear that father’s of daughters get. It’s the fear that they may end up with a guy who does not treat them the way they should. It was precisely at that moment that I knew or rather that I was burdened with the knowledge of this.

exclamation-pointYour daughter will naturally gravitate to a guy who treats them how you treat your wife.

Let me say that again in a different way. When you interact with your wife, you literally have thousands of teaching moments a week. Your daughters are exposed to this. For them it sets the expectations. If you treat your wife badly, your daughters will grow up and feel quite at home being treated badly. They may not like to be treated badly, but they will feel at home with this. On the flip side, if you treat your wife in positive ways, your daughters will come to expect this from their guy.

So – I propose that you steal this opportunity and use it for good! Commit now to serve and act towards your wife in a way that you want her husband to serve and act towards her. Now, no one is perfect. You will mess up. But here is the magic of grace. Also use those times that you miss the mark as a teaching opportunity to set the expectations of your daughters for their men. If your daughter’s husband messes up, how would you want him to react? Think this through carefully. Write it down. Now, take this and add it to your toolbox, for this is how you should treat your wife.

Don’t miss these vital moments in life – they can make a big difference in the life of your family…


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