Mathew 13: How is your soil?

I’ve been in Mathew 13 for a week. It has come to me that when farmers plant seed, they expect it to grow. God is no different. He plants seeds and expects growth. The majority will not accept God’s word, but some do. Sometimes it is Satan that snatches away when people don’t understand, sometimes its a lack of depth and foundation that cause people to fall away when troubles come and sometimes it is worry and selfishness. However, when the soil is good, there is 30 – 60 – 100 fold fruit that is realized. Four questions.

1. What do you think this fruit is?
2. Why do you think God has these three levels of ‘results’?
3. Which level of ‘production’ are you aiming at?
4. How are you preparing your own soil?

This is what I am pondering today.

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