How do we change our future!

Our pasts always predict our futures.  Consider addicts – and how hard it is for them to make changes. Consider our bad habits – and how hard it is for us to break them. Consider good habits – and this is what people expect from us. Well, people also expect our bad habits and when an addict makes a change, it is a life long struggle to keep on the right path. And I am only scratching the surface. But, why is this?

Any time that we do something over and over again, our brain hardwires short cuts. look at professional athletes – they do what? They practice. And they practice because they know the secret of how to change the future? Why do they want to change the future you may ask. Well, they want to get better, perform better.

So, without further hesitation – here is the secret to changing the future. Ready, here it goes:

Since the future is always determined by our past, we must change our past. This will in turn point to a new future. And the only way to change our past is to grab hold of today, wrestle it to the ground and beat it into submission. Well, let me phrase that a bit better. We need to make those decisions today, right now, that are the right ones. Then, soon, all those today’s that you have conquered will become your past. And then your future will be rewritten!

In pictures…

Slide10                              Slide11

So, make the most of today!


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